FEEG European Certification
(Federation of European Education in Gemmology)

The European Certification issued by FEEG (European Gemmologist) is a skills certificate created in 1995 and issued only by the Federation’s member training institutes.

The LFG is a member of FEEG and a certification testing centre since 2018. The European FEEG certification is the only recognised diploma in Europe that enables holders to show confirmed theoretical and practical understanding of gemmological appraisal and expand their international career opportunities. The FEEG offers access to an international community made up of the best gemmologists and the opportunity to share gemmological knowledge across the continent.

To help you prepare for the FEEG exam and extend your knowledge in gemmology, the LFG has created a 2- to 4-day preparation course in Paris. Thanks to a comprehensive preparation curriculum, this session gives participants the chance to review the areas of skill developed as they earned their gemmological degree and gain additional knowledge about rarer gems as well as new minerals.

Content of the preparation course

Introduction to examination requirements: the tests included and examination procedure

Reviewing the themes found in the FEEG syllabus:

  • The nature of gems
  • Depositology and main deposits
  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Gemstone crystallography and optical properties
  • The analytical techniques used in Gemmology Laboratories (UV-VIS, FTIR-spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, EX-XRF, LIBS, Diamondview™, radiography, etc.)
  • The main inclusions
  • Treatments and imitations
  • Syntheses and synthesis methods
  • Rare gems
  • Gemmology nomenclature and legal environment in Europe

Hands-on session in the gemmological room on all the stones covered in the examination, using all the traditional gemmological instruments

Session venue:
French Gemmology Laboratory – 38, Rue du Louvre – 75001 Paris



A degree in gemmology from an institution accredited by the FEEG


– 24th and 25th June 2019 – 09th, 10th, 16th and 17th September 2019


2 sessions per year :

02/07/2019 and 08/10/2019
07/07/2020 and 06/10/2020

Enrolment in the preparation course:


– 2 days: €420 inc. tax
– 4 days: €840 inc. tax

Registration for examination: €378 inc. tax (including 1 re-take)

Inquiries and subscriptions
Maéva Peltier : – +33 1 40 26 98 00
(+33) 01 40 26 25 45
30, rue de la Victoire - 75009 Paris
Monday - Thusday : 9H30 to 17H00
Friday : 9h30 to 16h30
Withdrawal files at same days and time


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