The oldest gemmological laboratory in the world, the French Gemmology Laboratory was founded in 1929 by the Diamond Trade Union Chamber.

Attached to Union BJOP in 2011, the LFG continues to serve its mission of providing independent expertise in gems for consumer information and safety.

Now located in the very heart of Paris, in the 2nd arrondissement, the LFG is the only laboratory in France to offer analytical reports on all gems, diamonds, coloured stones, and pearls, with regard to dimension, characteristics, identity, form and colour.

The Laboratory’s reports are distinctive in that all conclusions are based on science and are not mere opinions, thus giving real added value to the certification.

Gem identification

Authenticity of their nature, colour, detection of any treatment

Identification of imitations and syntheses

Diamond Graduation (4C)

Authentication of pearls

Specific study on request (nature of inclusion, determination of type of deposit, etc.)

In-depth research in collaboration with universities providing high-level technological support

Our added value compared to other Laboratories is that we rely on published scientific works. Our internal procedures are built by the scientific community. We thus offer a secured service.


Certifications are based on rigorous protocols, involving at least three gemmologists, under the scientific direction of Emmanuel FRITSCH, a gemmologist and professor of physics at the University of Nantes, known worldwide for his work, in particular the origin of colour in gems, the application of spectroscopic methods to gemmological problems, and the interrelationships between modes of formation and properties.
The LFG’s Institutional Charter is based on the National Charter of Expertise, according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
Today, the Laboratory is seeking ISO 9001 certification, relative to quality management systems, as well as certification for its ethical, social, and environmental practices, from the Responsible Jewellery Council.
In operation since 1929, the French Gemmology Laboratory has accumulated tens of thousands of photos, spectra and scientific information of all kinds, which make up an exceptional gemstone library, and proves to be a real working tool for drawing up gem analysis reports.
The LFG also has a collection of gems already rich with several thousand stones and regularly supplemented with new specimens by purchases or donations made to the laboratory. This systematic collection is useful in identifying gems, particularly their geographical origin.


The Laboratory’s technology, combined with the exceptional collection of gems, makes it the French reference for certification among professionals. The French Gemmology Laboratory has advanced analytical equipment, in particular microradiography/tomography equipment making it possible to certify fine pearls and cultured pearls based on study of their internal structure.
Thanks to this machine, which is unique in France, the LFG offers its customers the most reliable technological services for analysing both fine pearls and cultured pearls.
– unique precision enabling new methods of nucleation to be identified in cultured pearls.
– high-resolution microradiography (2D visualisation of the pearl’s internal structures), and tomography, enabling a better vision of the pearl’s structure in 3D.
– efficient, quick service thanks to automated radiography for serial batch analyses of pearls or necklaces.
Intensive research is conducted continuously to keep the Laboratory at a high level of proficiency. It also enables the laboratory to communicate about current topics to the gemmological community, which can thus be kept informed of new treatments, summaries, etc.

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