Dr. Stefanos Karampelas becomes the new chief gemmologist of LFG

Dr. Stefanos Karampelas becomes the new chief gemmologist of LFG. This arrival is an asset to strengthen the team, as it allows LFG to benefit from the expertise of an additional experienced gemmologist in order to build an ever more efficient service for the clients.

Stefanos Karampelas followed university studies in geology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) then his Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in geosciences at the University of Rennes I and the University of Nantes on the separation of natural amethysts and synthetic.

He defended his DUG in 2007 on unusual absorptions of diamonds in the 1-phonon zone, then his PhD thesis in 2008 on the detection of treatment in pearls (in co-supervision between the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Nantes, under the supervision of Prof. Emmanuel Fritsch).

After that, he spent seven years as a researcher at Gübelin Gem Lab in Lucerne (Switzerland), one year at Gem Research Swisslab (GRS) in Meggen (Switzerland) and three years as research director at DANAT (Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones) in Manama (Bahrain).

His main research themes relate to pearls (natural vs cultured, natural color vs treated color, structures of non-pearly pearls, etc.), the application of non-destructive methods to various gemological problems, the geographical origin of gemstones. color and their treatment. He has published numerous articles in scientific journals and books. He also visited various gem deposits around the world and various pearl fishing and pearl farming areas. He often participates in scientific conferences and gemological meetings. He is a member of the IMA (International Mineralogical Association) gem materials commission, delegate for the International Gemmological Conference (IGC), member of the editorial board of Gems & Gemology and associate editor for The Journal of Gemmology. He also participates as a teacher and member of the jury of the DUG in the University of Nantes.

(+33) 01 40 26 25 45
30, rue de la Victoire - 75009 Paris
Monday - Thusday : 9H30 to 17H00
Friday : 9h30 to 16h30
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