The French Laboratory of Gemmology has committed to operate in accordance with the National Appraisal Charter of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

“The quality of an appraisal is determined primarily in terms of the competence and independence of those who conduct it, the traceability of  sources used, the transparency of methods used and the clarity of the conclusions”.

The French Gemmology Laboratory has committed to take the following measures to ensure the quality and scientific rigour of its reports.

Staff qualifications: all items establishing the competence of our gemmologists can be viewed on request: diplomas, experience, research work, publications.

Independence of gemmologists: any relationship of interest that might connect French Gemmology Laboratory staff with customers is prohibited.

Quality of equipment: the verification and maintenance certificates for all metrology equipment and scientific tools can be viewed, upon substantiated request, at the French Gemmology Laboratory.

Quality of methodology: the French Gemmology Laboratory is committed to ISO 9001 certification.

Traceability of sources: all conclusions issued by the French Gemmology Laboratory refer to scientific articles and gemmological documents demonstrating the agreement of the greatest possible number of gemmological experts (CIBJO standards, international standards, PAS 1048-1: Publicly Available Specification, etc.).

Transparency of methods implemented: The French Gemmology Laboratory offers substantiated reports, containing the scientific data established during the study of gem.

Quality of conclusions: The sources used by the French Gemmology Laboratory may be viewed at the Laboratory, upon substantiated request.

If necessary, the French Gemmology Laboratory shall list any point for which the state of knowledge available does not allow a conclusion to be established with a sufficient degree of certainty.

The limitations that apply to the conclusions in view of the condition of the submitted part are explained (set or mounted piece limiting the visibility of certain characters, for example). The French Gemmology Laboratory undertakes to report any ascertained or likely risk found on the gem.

Clarity of conclusions: the standard conclusions are clarified (e.g., the concept of composite ruby is explained) with reference to already published articles for further detail.

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